M2 Management

Small business Engineering and Construction Consulting

Expertise in Quality Control, Quality Assurance, CPM Scheduling, and Project Planning – Unmatched Solutions by Seasoned Professionals with Over 20 Years in Construction Management.

Quality Assurance Excellence

Experience peace of mind knowing that our team meticulously crafts and reviews quality control submittals to ensure the highest standards of construction excellence.

Project Planning

Benefit from our advanced CPM scheduling and analysis techniques, as we develop comprehensive baseline schedules tailored to your project’s unique requirements. Stay updated with regular schedule updates and progress reviews to keep your project on track.

Specialized Expertise

Entrust your project to a team with over 20 years of dedicated focus on construction management. Our seasoned professionals bring a wealth of industry knowledge and hands-on experience to every aspect of your project, ensuring its success from inception to completion.

Client Support On

SFWMD Projects

  • Everglades Restoration Projects

We’re proud to be a small business, owned and operated by a US Air Force veteran, and driven by a woman’s entrepreneurial spirit. With a commitment to excellence forged through military service and empowered by diverse perspectives, we bring a unique blend of leadership, dedication, and innovation to every project we undertake.